Five Ways Ceiling Color Can Transform Any Room

Color has power.  Color can transform the feel of a space, and the mood of a room. It adds dimension, it adds character. In this blog, we’ll cover the ways ceiling color can transform every room in your home to get the desired effect. 

For instance, who doesn’t love a beautiful tray ceiling?  That timeless trimmed-out pop of color feels bold, elegant and bougie.

But you don’t need a tray ceiling to feel bougie.  Think of your ceiling as a “fifth wall”—adding ceiling color can change the entire look and feel of the room!  

First, decide on the look and feel you wish to accomplish. Then, read which ceiling color you should use to get the job done. 

Make a small room feel bigger

Painting a room in monochrome can help a space feel bigger since your eye doesn’t stop at that harsh ceiling line.  The color just keeps going which visually opens up the space.

Painting the walls and ceiling the same color can also make your focal point pop.  You can highlight those library built-ins, the grand piano, your favorite piece of art, or that great guitar collection, by letting the walls fade back a bit, while still providing that complementary backdrop of color.

Add formal drama

Create drama in the formal dining room or sitting room by painting dark colors such as emerald green, dark wine, navy blue or black, on the walls and ceiling, then adding a decorative molding or wainscoting in white.  The effect is bold and striking.

Highlight and hide

Using the same color paint on walls and ceilings can also serve to highlight architectural details in your home such as beams, arches, and nooks when painted in a contrasting color.  Use of monochromatic color schemes can add consistency to asymmetrical rooms and hide a variety of design flaws.


Take your ceiling color inspiration from things you already own.  Match your ceiling color to bedding, area rugs, or items scattered throughout the room.  This wall-ceiling color contrast will add a light, fun element to your room.


Contrary to popular belief, sometimes darker colors can make a small space feel bigger—intimate and infinite at the same time.  Painting your ceilings and walls the same dark color can make your favorite reading nook cozy and intimate.  Wrapping the room in cooler, lighter colors can be visually calming and great for creating a relaxing bedroom retreat.

A little paint power can play a big role in the feel or character of a room. A paint contractor will have the skills to take full advantage of your ceiling.  Don’t be afraid of the fifth wall—decide what you wish to accomplish in your space and start painting!